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AURORA: EKU's Online Literary and Arts Journal

Spring 2023 Journal

2023 Winners (click for more information)

  • POETRY: "Slowing Down" by Jerry Derringer
  • CREATIVE NONFICTION: “The Diagnosis” by Abby Bell
  • FICTION: “Formaldehyde” by Katie Pennington
  • PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART: “Consumerism” by Emelinda Perkins
  • MUSIC: “Violin Duet" by Reina Mecham
  • DRAMA/SCREENPLAY: “Strained Pears” by William McCann
  • SHORT FILMS: “The Fourth Floor” by Jossue Pacheco



Editor's Choice


Fiction  ♦  Creative Nonfiction  ♦  Poetry  ♦  Interview  ♦  Drama/Screenplay  ♦  Short Films  ♦  Music  ♦  Art and Photography


Can You Tell Me Something Before I Go? by Rayne Morgan

The Consequences of Half-Eaten Cigarettes by Katie Pennington

Formaldehyde by Katie Pennington

Open Away from Prying Eyes by Ross Gomez

Why Can't I Be Creative by Sarah Vogt

Creative Nonfiction

The Diagnosis by Abby Bell

Home by Cheyanne Owens

Look for the Helpers by Regan Moore

The Schism by Jerry Derringer


The 7 ways I saw your eyes by McKenzie Dailey

After by Lauryn Campbell

The Boy Who Fell by Emily Bell

Cerises Douces, California by Katelyn Dunne

Child or Adult? by Bailey Steinberger

Clasped by Emily Bell

Crimson Lips by Brookelyn Creech

Hopscotch by Katelyn Dunne

If These Walls Could Talk by Cheyanne Owens

Lady Nightingale by Elle Southworth

Little Ecstasy by Bailey Steinberger

my baby brother by Kelsey Gray

night by Morgan Thomas

No Given Name by Bailey Steinberger

past affects present by Morgan Thomas

Slowing Down by Jerry Derringer

Sunset by Kelsey Gray

Together by Elizabeth Ogorek

we were children by Kelsey Gray

Worm Farm by Katelyn Dunne


Keven McQueen with Taylor Byrd


Strained Pears by William McCann

Short Films

The Fourth Floor by Jossue Pacheco


The Children's Hour by Hannah Houston

Violin Duet by Reina Mecham

Art and Photography

(Click thumbnail for full image)

Aran Islands by Jordyn Nalley

Aran Islands

Jordyn Nalley

Beesindaravine by Kylie Perry

Bees in da ravine

Kylie Perry

Between the Lines by Regan Moore

Between the Lines

Regan Moore

Blue Bridge by Mckenzie Dailey

Blue Bridge

McKenzie Dailey

Blue Lady by Bailey Stein

Blue Lady

Bailey Steinberger

Consumerism by Emelinda Perkins


Emelinda Perkins

Cry Baby by Bailey Steinberger

Cry Baby

Bailey Steinberger

Innocence by Neely Gannon


Neely Gannon

Kaleidoscope by Katelyn Dunne


Katelyn Dunne

Kentucky Sandstorm by Drew Stafford

Kentucky Sandstorm

Drew Stafford

Letting It All Out by Katelyn Walker

Letting It All Out

Katelyn Walker

Make a Wish by Regan Moore

Make a Wish

Regan Moore

Mama Moon by Ashley Williams

Mama Moon

Ashley Williams

Moher by Regan Moore


Regan Moore

Painting of a Butterfly by Baily Steinberger

Painting of a Butterfly

Bailey Steinberger

Poison by Iris Illarraza


Iris Illarraza

Porcelain Rat by Flyer Fox

Porcelain Rat

Flyer Fox

Preparation by Regan Moore


Regan Moore

Sunbathing by Regan Moore


Regan Moore

The Angels Came Weeping by Candance Thompson

The Angels Came Weeping

Cadance Thompson

Through the Looking Glass by Katelyn Dunne

Through the Looking Glass

Katelyn Dunne

Whimsical Serenity by Ross Gomez

Whimsical Serenity

Ross Gomez

Tippy Toes by Mckenzie Dailey

Tippy Toes

McKenzie Dailey

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