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Poetry: “Gestate” by Cailin Wile

This poem is ripe with enticingly strange imagery that really makes it pop; “body bursting gut wipe open / swallowed serpent-whole”. The concept of gestation is used to channel a coming into being, an evolution of identity. The declaration, “i can’t be your blossom waiting to be fruited / i am the sugar and the juices”, is an affirmation of one’s power in molding their own identity. The frame lines of the poem create this cyclical effect that falls right in line with the idea of reshaping oneself, giving birth to a new identity/shedding an old skin for a new.

Creative Nonfiction: "September Wind" by Brandi Mills

Aurora’s top choice for the creative nonfiction category because it captures a beautiful glimpse into contemporary, Appalachian college life while also representing the ways we do not choose when to recollect. The author shows how memories can be so elusive while at the same time constantly present in our minds. The piece is filled with striking metaphors and subtle imagery that adds to an innate understanding and appreciation for simple memories.

Fiction: "Metaphor” by Seth Russell

“Metaphor” makes beautiful use of second-person perspective, effectively placing readers in the bizarre, frightening, and beautiful situation within the piece. The concept of the piece existing as an endless cycle is intriguing, and the story can mean something different to everyone who reads it.

Art and Photography: “Aura” by Hannah Harrison

The joy in this piece is palpable. The stability of the model juxtaposed with the motion created by the rings around her suggests the idea of extreme confidence even in shaky situations, which is mirrored in her pose: with one leg in front of the other and her arms in the air, she is not afraid to take up space. The piece conjures up the feeling of flipping your hair in the mirror and going off to seize the day. Well done!

Aurora is a student led literary journal for the English Department at Eastern Kentucky University. Aurora is currently seeking submissions! We publish fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, short film, visual art (including photography, comics/cartoons), music, and drama. If accepted, you would be joining a group of writers and artists that have developed a literary and art culture at Eastern Kentucky University. We want to spread this culture to every department on the campus so if you have the desire to be published, we want to see your work!

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