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AURORA: EKU's Online Literary and Arts Journal

Spring 2022 Journal

2022 WINNERS and Launch Gallery



Fiction  ♦  Creative Nonfiction  ♦  Poetry  ♦  Interview  ♦  Drama/Screenplay  ♦  Short Movies  ♦  Art and Photography


The Hypocrisy of the Southern Family by Dylan Alcorn

John Prine Woke Me Up by William McCann

Place by Savannah Wilson

Reflection in the Murky Waters by Hannah Schenk

Teresa by Maggie Camp

Vacuums by Thomas Bowling

The Weeping Woman by Victor Zepline

Creative Nonfiction

Mamaw's House by Thomas Bowling

The Same Hysteria, Over and Over by Daniel Shirley

The Playhouse by Angel Jackson

Vaporwave: Making Music Mortal by Alexander Reed


Again by Haydn Conner

A Remedy for Panic Attacks by Kaitlyn VanWay

How to End Worlds by Stefan Delipoglou

Growing Pains by Kearra Rozhon

Hidden by Emily Bell

Horizons by Kaitlyn VanWay

How to Move on Without Falling Apart by Peyton Bowling

Morning Shades by Thomas Bowling

The Mosaic of the Heart by Katie Pennington

Mother Mother by Kelsey Gray

My Own Moon by Makayla Melton

Sleepless by Emily Bell

The Me that I am Now by Emily Napier

The W is Capitalized by Kaitlyn VanWay

We Were Kids by Emily Bell

You by Jerry Derringer

You Should Talk to Someone by Kaitlyn VanWay


Interview with Matt Johnson with Cheyanne Owens, Haydn Conner and Jas Flora


Life is Short by Wesley Gift

Static by Thomas Bowling

Short Movies

Nuclear by Julie Blackburn

Art and Photography

(Click thumbnail for full image)

Forgotten by Erika Napier


Erika Napier

Hallgrimskirkja Church by Julie Blackburn

Hallgrimskirkja Church

Julie Black

Henry Age 5 by Morgan Lester

Henry Age 5

Morgan Lester

Leader of the Jazz Band by Ashley Williams

Leader of the Jazz Band

Ashley Williams

Majesty by Brianna Neilan


Brianna Neilan

Natural Photography by Shannon Savage

Sunflower Lady

Shannan Savage

Natural Photography 2 by Shannan Savage

Freedom Girl

Shannan Savage

Night Ride by Kaylie Eaton

Night Ride

Kaylie Eaton

Peace by Laura Taboroda


Laura Taboroda

Pink Dream by Cameron Nally

Pink Dream

Cameron Nally

Rat by Jesse Dockery


Jesse Dockery

Remembered by Erika Napier


Erika Napier

Serenity by Brianna Neilan


Brianna Neilan

Staring contest by Morgan Lester

Staring Contest

Morgan Lester

Space Hot Dogs by Baleigh Walden

Space Hot Dogs

Baleigh Walden

Peaks by Brianna Neilan


Brianna Neilan

Never Enough Time by Makayla Singleton

Never Enough Time

Makayla Singleton

Cello Poster by David Caudill

Cello Poster

David Caudill

Coral Frog by Jarrett Ivey

Coral Frog

Jarrett Ivey

Creation of Vans by Erika Napier

Creation of Vans

Erika Napier

Deaf Then Deaf Now by Jill Cornman

Deaf Then Deaf Now

Jill Cornman

EXO by Jesse Dockery


Jesse Dockery

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