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Spring 2020 Genres

♦  Fiction  ♦  Creative Nonfiction  ♦  Poetry  ♦  Music  ♦   Short Film   ♦  Art and Photography  Interview with Young Smith  ♦   Spring 2019 Staff  ♦


Knowing in Part by Adrian Bryant

The Cost of Living by Collin Davis

Gnaw by Edy Thomas

Routine by Edy Thomas

Portrait of a Scarecrow by Ella Johnson

Loraine and the Groundhog by Harriett Norris

Melba's Life/Lena's Story by Harriett Norris

Rain by Jamie Fisher

Retribution by Jesse Day

Glitch by Jordan Connelly

North Until Dark by Kaylee Lambert

Moon by Nancy Arrowood

Harlequin by Rachel Hampton

Came to Life by Sara Luckett

Zombie by Seth Russel

Creative Nonfiction

An Ordinary Monologue by Hannah Tanner

Burial Rites by Megan Carmack

In the Life of Me by Danielle Murray

Apply Pressure by Jane Burch

Before Disability by Mary Boujaoude


all because i didn't get bts tickets by Andrea Norton

italy by Andrea Norton

to be bitter by Andrea Norton

Retrouvailles by Cailin Wile

Stay With Us by Jesse Day

Where I'm From by Jesse Day

An Ode to Tapestry by Katelynn Estepp

Bicentennial Romantic by Katelynn Estepp

Cigarette Break by Kristen Foreman

Pas De Deux by Kristen Foreman

Unity by Kristen Foreman

One Mississippi by Megan Carmack

Changing Times by Ryan Sergent-Payne

Does she love me? by Ryan Sergent-Payne

Oh, If Only by Ryan Sergent-Payne

Deep End by Samantha Smith

A Thank You to My Ancestors by Samaria Vaughn

A.P.B. by Shantel White

Wealth by Shantel White

The Fragile Existence by Victoria Leggett

Library With You by Victor Zepline

Cold Murmurs by Virginia Browning

How to Fall into Lust by Virginia Browning

Skin Whispers by Virginia Browning


L.A. by Adam Moore

Toxic Air by Andrew Robinson

Repent by Elijah Wolfe

Good Vibes by Joshua Caldwell

Autumn's Song by Justin Clark

Acoustic by Kor'ee Jackson

LOFI Sample Beat by Kor'ee Jackson

Midday Scenes by Kor'ee Jackson

Gymnopedie by Rina Tanka

In Passing by Zachary Fetters

Short Film

The Mirror by Maddie Caple

Art and Photography

To view individual works listed below, please visit our Art and Photography page.

Neon and Lights04 by Angela Record

Nostalgia02 by Angela Record

Nostalgia03 by Angela Record

Expression by Anna Ho

Still as the Night by Anne Kinsman

Design Movement Postcards by Cameron Nally

Clay Hall by Christopher Zachman

Klutch Park by Christopher Zachman

Top of the Rock by Christopher Zachman

Polaroid by Ella Jackson

Stillness by Ella Jackson

Bee Inspired by Emily Fluty

Serene by Hannah Harrison

Barn by Jesse Day

Bottles by Jesse Day

Hampton Court Palace Fountain Court by Joe Steele

Hampton Court Station by Joe Steele

London Tour Bus by Joe Steele

Three Rivers Rambler in Knoxville by Joe Steele

Westminster Abbey Lamp Post by Joe Steele

The Dramatic Rose by Joshua Alexander

Taylor Forks Icons by Joshua Williams

Pushing Boundaries by Julie Blackburn

Get Lost in Your Work by Kenton Frederick

Film postcards by Krista Conley

Nature Icons by Krista Conley

Self Portrait 2018 by Matthew King

There Must Be a Spanish Word for This Feeling by Matthew Davisson

Fire in the Sky by Noah Hall

Shady Water by Peter Wilson

Flowery Things by Tyler Dunn

Power in Darkness by Young Aric

Dancing Lights by Zachary Fetters


Dr. Young Smith An Interview with Young Smith with Hannah Richburg and Teresa Payne

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