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Aurora: 2014

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2014 Creative Writing Award Winners

Non-Fiction: The Bowlings of Squabble Creek by Nicholas Abner

Fiction:  How to Take Your Daily Constitutional Up at the Cemetery by Arly Jones

Poetry:  Cemetery by Reid Scheler

Aurora is a student led literary journal for the English Department at Eastern Kentucky University. Aurora is currently seeking submissions! We publish fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, short film, visual art (including photography, comics/cartoons), music, and drama. If accepted, you would be joining a group of writers and artists that have developed a literary and art culture at Eastern Kentucky University. We want to spread this culture to every department on the campus so if you have the desire to be published, we want to see your work!

Reach globally. Submit locally.


Flesh by James Enoch
Trees and Envy by Lauren Coyne
Fall Nights by Reid Scheler
All Hallows' Eve by Nicholas Abner
Holy, Holy! Glory to Radio Towers on Heaven High by James Enoch
Cemetery by Reid Scheler
Lucifer, in Love by James Enoch
Phyllis Fucked Up by Samuel Pence
Through These Old, Rustic Woods by James Enoch
I am from... by Jessica Mayse
Eyes That Pierce Me by Joshua Taylor
The Forgotten by Joshua Taylor
Society's Dance by Kamela Popiwczak
A Widow's Lament by Lauren Coyne
Like Fire and Water by Lauren Coyne



Dinner at Ten by Arly Jones
How to Take Your Daily Constitutional Up at the Cemetery by Arly Jones
In Which We Burn by Clarissa Arvin
Oblivion by Hannah Halcomb
Pulp Assassins by Joshua Moberly
Not with a Bang, but With a Chicken Sandwich by Joshua Moberly
Weightless by Kelly Ward
No Prints Left Behind by Maya Johnson
The Violinist by Michelle Ray
Sometimes It Rains by Zachary Gay



This Moment by Dora Gardner
The Bowlings of Squabble Creek by Nicholas Abner
The Fume of Sighs by Rachel Miracle
Comes and Goes by Victoria Abbot



(Art and Photography can be viewed in the Gallery)

Tripp Tunnels by Alison Ginter
New Vision by Jordan Mazurek
Light House by Joshua Taylor
Glass Study 3 by Katie Brooks
Aebi by Noelle Smith
Breathe by Paige Roglitz
Entangled by Paige Roglitz
Portrait Facing Away by Paige Roglitz


Nancy Benson interviewed by Kiefer Nantz


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