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Aurora: 2008

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Aurora Online began in 2003.

Each fall, students in ENG 420 (Stylistics, Editing, and Publishing) publish Aurora Online. The magazine is a forum for creative work by Eastern Kentucky University students. It is also an opportunity for students to edit and publish a literary magazine.  Since its first publication, Aurora Online has expanded to include art, music, drama, dance, and digital photography.

Aurora Online is an extension of the print Aurora magazine published each spring.  The English and Theatre Department has published the print edition every year since 1924.  Until 1969, the magazine was titled Belles Lettres.

The 2008 Aurora team would like to thank Phillip Logsdon, IT Web Support Consultant, for his assistance with the Web site.


A Wasted Moment by Rachel Bentley
Cabin Boy by LeAnn Stokes
Cheap Thrills and Unreliability by Lindsey Stockton
Falling from the Clouds by Tabitha White
Flame by Roger Smith
I Dreamed of You by Vanessa Lynch
Immaterial Pearls by Joshua Jones
Lying Under Trees by Nathaniel Justice
Off the Dock at Seyda Neen by Matt McAlister
Only One by Kelly McLaughlin
Redemption by LeAnn Stokes
Sail by Lucille Everman
Skirmish by Lucille Everman
Suicide Attempt by Lee Feathers
The Green Corvette by Rachel Bentley
The Netherlands by Sheila Shear
The Persistence of Memory by Matt McAlister
These Shoes by Lee Feathers
The Silvery Fields by Roger Smith
Traffic by Jeremy Gregory
Ugliness by Lee Feathers
Wine Glass Religion by Zach Miller


A Lone Oak by Jeremy Gregory
Bad Things Come in Small Packages by Jason Fackler
Black Silk by Larry Newman
Breaking Dawn by Erin Mosley
Eastern Kentucky is a Long Way from the Canyon of the Vaginas by Justus Caudell
Eden by Lindsey Stockton
Jack by Lindsey Tackett
Kinda Blue by Thomas Osborn
(1/f) = (1/p) +(1/q) by Zach Miller
Room in the Inn by Andy Newman
The Aimless Clouds by Matt McAlister
The Spendthrift and the Swallow by Sarah Ellifritz
Toke by Joe Montgomery
Wasp in the Window by Sarah Ellifritz
Wrights Epic by LeAnn Stokes


Flashes of Friendship by Leah Campbell
I am Jack's Total Display of Masculinity by Clyde Jamison


(All works can be viewed in the Gallery)

Brainweavings by Maureen Kessler
Endings by Maureen Kesssler
Indentation Incantation by Maureen Kessler
Mother Earth and Father Sky by Maureen Kessler
Self Imprint by Maureen Kessler
To Seek by Maureen Kessler
What's Been Undone by Maureen Kessler


(All works can be viewed in the Gallery)

The Last Track by Brandon Burtner
Can't Stand to Stay by Brandon Burtner
Milky Falls by Jeremy Gregory
Louisville, Kentucky by Michael Hamilton
Untitled Carnival 1 by Michael Hamilton
Child in Mexico by Ben Kleppinger
Fall by Skylar Davis
Curves by Skylar Davis
Rays of Light by Skylar Davis
Calendars are for Pansies by Lee Feathers
Gateway Arch, St. Louis by Michael Hamilton
Child in Mexico 2 by Ben Kleppinger
In Memory of the Oklahoma City Bombing by April Littrell
A Walk to Remember by Robeij
Narnia - Colors of Fall by Robeij
Light - Lighting at a Glance by Robeij
Shiny Photo by Lyndsay Whitaker
More Shiny Photo by Lyndsay Whitaker
Enjoying the Scenery by April Littrell
Purple Mountain Majesty by April Littrell
Out West 2008 by April Littrell
Pastels 'n' Sketch- The colors of Art by Robeij
Mimosa by Lindsey Stockton
Photograph 9/24 by Dorcas Thompson
Sunsets and Sky by Brittany Toombs
Good Morning Sunshine by Stephanie West


Derek Nikitas
Jennings Mace
Julie Hensley with Shelby Thompson and Lindsey Stockton


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