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AURORA: 2006

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History of Aurora Online

This version of Aurora is the fourth edition of the Aurora Online Literary Journal.  Aurora Online was created in 2003 by the English 420 (Stylistics, Editing, and Publishing) class, along with instructors Gaby and Chris Daniels. The goal of the class was to create a contemporary, user-friendly website that could illustrate the cutting edge, original prose and the creative abilities of the students at Eastern Kentucky University. The online version was an extension of the Aurora magazine that is published each fall. 

Aurora hasn’t always been Aurora; it began as a small paperback magazine titled Belles Lettres. Under the editing of Robert H. Rankin, and sponsorship of Roy B. Clark, Belles Lettres survived until 1969 when the title was changed to Aurora. The print edition has been published every year since 1935.
Since its installment, Aurora Online has expanded to include art, music, drama, dance, and digital photography submissions.

The 2006 Aurora Team would like to thank Phillip Logsdon, a Web Support Consultant, for all of his help.

Aurora the Goddess

"Aurora" by Martin Herbert at Spirit Visions

Aurora now, fair daughter of the dawn, Sprinkled with rosy light the dewy lawn.
by Alexander Pope


(All Art can be viewed in the Gallery)

Gorilla See Through by Travis Forman
The Demiurge by Travis Forman


White Tigers by Eagle Brosi


Bracelen Flood Interviewed by Ben Taylor
Jason Koontz Interviewed by Josh Holt
Daryl Tucker Interviewed by Brandon McNeal


(All Photography can be viewed in the Gallery)

Petals by Cynthia Chang
Sorrow by Cynthia Chang
Ritualistic by Leigh-Anna Donithan
Dali's Tree by Gabe Guilfoil
Internal Heaven by Gabe Guilfoil
Man with Accordion by Brittany Toombs
Church and Graveyard by Brittany Toombs


A Desert Birth by Ernest Presher
Divining Me by Regina Russell
Funeral by Greg Conley
July 2005 by Emily Gilbreath
Maggot by Clay D. Marcum
Puzzled by Beth Robinson
Reflection by Amanda Sheppard
Scarlet Ties by Dana Daughetee
Studious Student by Lena Kline
The Cold in the Air by Jerry Witt
To Leave You by Bobi Conn
At Dawn by Ben Taylor
Millie Miglia 1955 by Ben Taylor
The Cusp by Courtney Tennill
His & Hers by Courtney Tennill
What I Ain't by Courtney Tennill


Smoking in Bed by Sarah Ellifritz
The Perfect Tree by Kenny Harris
Toy Soldiers by Clay D. Marcum
Perseus by Eric Mitchell
The Souvenir Spoon by Rose Postma
Sacrifice by Ben Taylor


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