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AURORA: 2003

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We would like to thank web guru Chris Daniel for his invaluable guidance and endless patience.  We would also like to thank Dr. Charlie Sweet, Dr. Bill Sutton, Meg Matheny, Paul Ramsey, Dr. Gabriella Bedetti, Scott Stephens, Travis Tench, and Carlos A. Gándara.

All web design, background art, and photography © Travis Tench 2003, except for Pose for A Pint, by Erin Michalik © 2003.


Painted Pictures of Mine by Raymond Kiger
Immunity by Sean Corbin
Lalo's Mother by Zana Durbin
Perfect Pastures by Raymond Kiger
Alien Asthma by Toby Minton


Taking the Scenic Tour by Chad Reece
Light of Life by Jamie Pilcher
Neeley by Brenda Hays


My Wife's Last Tomcat by Lowell Wiley
Open by Rob Wood
Untitled by Rob Wood
Shutdown by Rob Wood
Maria by Yohana Valdez
A Little Death by Yohana Valdez
Cosmic Martini by Victoria Nesta
Falling by Jamie Pilcher
It Never Sleeps by Tonya Rogers
Stone Mason by Tonya Rogers
Whisper Me by Tonya Rogers
A Day in May by Nick Sexton
The Hourglass by Nick Sexton
Speechless and Sublime by Nick Sexton
Message in a Bottle by Natalie Smith-Brewer
Inheritance by Markita Mink
Late Bloomer by Markita Mink
My Grandmother's Legacy by Markita Mink
My Dream by Emily Meek
Waking Up by Emily Meek
The Secret by Dawn Marzian
The Perfect Key by Devin Klarer


(All Art can be viewed in the Gallery)

The Beach by Tatiana Fominkyh
Ruby Red by Ruth Antle
The Rose by Ruth Antle
Untitled by David Cazalet
Untitled 1 by Jessie Power
Untitled 2 by Jessie Power


Dr. Charlie Sweet with Paul Ramsey


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